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When a friend or relative gets arrested in Los Angeles for a serious criminal offense, he or she will be subject to release upon the posting of Bail with a California law enforcement agency. Bail is the monetary amount that must be posted with Los Angeles County prior to an individual’s release from a Los Angeles Jail.


Most individuals do not have the funds to post the entire bail amount in cash or property. For example, the bail amount for a Driving on a Suspended License can require up to $50,000 for release from a Los Angeles Jail facility. In today’s economy, that is a staggering sum. Therefore, the services of an experienced California Bail Bondsman like Paul Columbis is necessary to secure a defendant’s release from a Los Angeles Jail.


An individual in custody or the individual’s family must contact an experienced Los Angeles Bail Bondsman such as Paul Columbis. The Bail Bondsman acts as a surety, meaning that the Bail Bondsman will post the entire Bond on behalf of the person in custody.  Thus, they assume the vast majority of the financial liability of a defendant’s release from custody.


In exchange, the individual or the individual’s family will pay a Premium to the Bail Bondsman. The Premium is a standard 10% of the total Bail Bond that the Bondsman will keep as his or her fee. An experienced and committed Los Angeles Bail Agent such as Paul Columbis will work with friends and family to Bond a Southland defendant out of a Los Angeles Jail.


The California Bail Bondsmen’s role is not only to post Bond for an individual charged with a criminal offense in Los Angeles. A Bail Agent such as Paul Columbis must also ensure that an individual out of custody on Bond returns to court on his or her assigned court date.


In some instances, a Los Angeles Bail Agent may require a cosigner, known also as a guarantor or indemnitor, on the Bond. The cosigner becomes responsible for the Bail if the individual on Bond fails to return to court. Normally, the cosigner is a friend or family member of the person requiring the Bond.


Requirements for those on Bond include checking in with the Bail Bondsman. The Bond Agent’s permission is required to cross state lines or leave the United States. At any time, the Bail Bondsman can revoke the Bond and return the individual out on Bail to custody. Paul Columbis does his best for his clients and seeks to avoid returning individuals to custody.


While there are many Agents in Southern California, one stands out among the rest; Paul Columbis. Paul is dedicated to his clients and works to serve them. Testimonials from his clients speak for themselves.


Due to the complexity and serious nature of criminal charges in Los Angeles, it is important that an individual seeking a Bail Bond in Los Angeles contacts a reputable and experienced Los Angeles Bail Bondsman such as Paul Columbis.

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