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Over 10,000 Released in Los Angeles

Paul Columbis at Bail Man Bail Bonds is a wonderful man and you are not making a mistake if you find yourself in need of his help. Paul has been a second father to my child. From the 1st day we contacted Paul he has treated my child with concern and respect. I love Paul Columbis.

Michael Mayer

Spending time in a Los Angeles Jail is not a pleasant vacation. Hardly qualifying for one star hotel status, Los Angeles Jails are dangerous places for individuals charged with criminal offenses. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact Los Angeles Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis to immediately secure your release from custody.


The arrest of an individual in Los Angeles or Southern California is a traumatizing experience not just for the individual in custody, but their family members and friends as well. Communication with individuals inside of a Los Angeles Jail is difficult as thousands of individuals pass through custody every day. The burden of securing the suspect’s release often falls on friends and family members.


Los Angeles Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis can make these tough times easier for family members and friends of individuals incarcerated in Los Angeles area jail facilities. With just one phone call from you, Los Angeles Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis will work quickly and tirelessly to secure the release of an individual from custody in Los Angeles.


When individuals hire a licensed California Bail Agent such as Paul Columbis, the Bail Bondsman posts the entire amount of the Bail to secure a defendant’s release from custody. In exchange, a defendant, or their friends or family, pays a Premium (normally 10% of the cost of Bail) to the licensed Bail Bondsman.


The roles of a Los Angeles Bail Bondsman such as Paul Columbis are twofold. First, a Los Angeles Bail Bondsman secures a suspect’s release from a Los Angeles Jail facility, so that individual can continue to work while their criminal case is pending. Second, a Los Angeles Bail Bondsman such as Paul Columbis makes a promise to a California Court that the defendant will appear on their charged criminal offenses.


Los Angeles Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis will work with family members and friends to provide individuals charged with criminal offenses a quick and efficient release from custody.  Los Angeles Bail Bondsmen require a cosigner on the Bond that is posted with the Court that makes them liable for payment of the full Bail Amount if the suspect does not appear at their court date in Los Angeles.


It is important that the individual hired as your Bail Bondsman is reputable and well respected. Fully licensed and insured, Paul Columbis has served the residents of Los Angeles for over fifteen years. Paul Columbis and his wife Andrea, a native Southern Californian, are committed to going above and beyond for their clients.


Paul’s goal is to keep his clients out of trouble when he posts their Bail. Individuals on Bond require permission to leave the State of California and the United States of America. Paul will go the extra mile to ensure that his clients do not violate any condition of their Bond imposed by the Court.


When you, a family member, or friend get arrested in Los Angeles, save yourselves the worry and call Los Angeles Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis to post Bail quickly and efficiently.

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