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When a friend or family member finds themselves behind bars in Los Angeles, the first question that comes to mind is “how can I get out?” Court dates are often set far in advance and are no guarantee of an early release. Therefore, it is important to hire a Los Angeles Bail Bondsman such as Paul Columbis to secure the release of a friend or family member from a Los Angeles Jail.


Paul Columbis is a reputable and experienced Los Angeles Bail Bondsman having served the people of Los Angeles and Southern California for over fifteen years.  Paul Columbis is a certified and properly insured Bail Bondsman serving the Los Angeles area and handles Bail Bonds all over the Southland.


Born and raised on the East Coast in New Jersey, Paul Columbis relocated to Los Angeles and has established himself as one of the top Bail Bondsmen in the Los Angeles area. Paul has embraced the Southern California lifestyle of the beach, motorcycles, and West Coat hospitality. Together with his wife Andrea, a native Southern Californian, Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis has a large passion for helping individuals in need.


Los Angeles Bail Agent Paul Columbis is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to post Bail Bonds for your friends and family. It is crucial to hire an experienced California Bail Agent such as Paul Columbis to ensure your friend or loved one’s timely release from a Los Angeles Jail facility. Paul knows the system and


Family owned and operated, City of Angels Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis combines a personal touch and friendly face when called to assist the residents of Los Angeles who find themselves behind bars. Paul Columbis and his staff work diligently to help those in need at any jail in Los Angeles.


While payment of Bond is a tough task for many Los Angeles residents, Bail Agent Paul Columbis can provide dedicated and proven service to those behind bars. Los Angeles Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis keeps all information confidential and will work with you to ensure a quick departure from a Los Angeles Jail facility.


Los Angeles Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis provides a stable, family friendly environment. It is important to choose a Bail Bondsman that does not just write your ticket out of jail, but also encourages and supports individuals in a difficult time in their lives. Licensed Bail Agent Paul Columbis is one who provides that level of service to the people of Southern California.


Paul Columbis would not be in business without his clients. A look at their testimonials shows precisely why Paul is the best in Southern California. Not only does Paul act as a Bail Agent, but also guides clients through difficult times in their lives.


No bond is too big and no bond is too small, so contact Los Angeles Bail Bondsman Paul Columbis for efficient and reputable Bail Bond services throughout the Los Angeles area.

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